In the results of the social media research from Sociotoco, Bovil DDB made it to the top 10 of “most socially savvy” agencies in The Netherlands.

  1. Boondoggle (interactief)
  2. Rhinofly (interactief)
  3. In10 Communicatie (interactief)
  4. Lbi Lost Boys (interactief)
  5. 105 Refreshing Advertising (reclame)
  6. De Franse Kamer (design)
  7. Meyson Communicatie (reclame)
  8. Bex*communicatie (Public Relations)
  9. Bovil DDB (reclame)
  10. The People’s Valley (interactief)

Sociotoco: “…we emailed all 800 agencies in the Adformatie database, and we asked them about their social media activities. (…) For each agency we checked the number of social channels, and to which depth these channels were used.”

You can find Bovil DDB on:

See the entire results of the research here: